Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking

About Me

Approaching 60 with time on my hand, too much weight on my waist and seeking enlightenment (like the aging hippy I never was) and a purpose I decided to explore that part of England I had lived next to for most of my life, yet did not really know. The River Mersey. Beginning in Stockport (depending on your preference on the confluence of the Tame and Goyt or Etherow and Goyt) and ending in Liverpool, I wanted to end it in New Brighton, as my Grandad had taken me there in the early mid 60s , my memories of this trip are limited to crossing on the Ferry, and all being in Black and White. I achieved all that, bar getting to New Brighton, as the Ferry wasn’t running that day.

So I compromised and turned right. And kept walking. I have just now decided to document it, For that reason it starts in the middle. However , coastal walks go in a circle, so the start point doesn’t matter, I can fill in the back story as well.

To make it even more fun, I walked the length of a few rivers from source to sea or confluence, and I’ll add those in too


Author: allanprussell

Big houses in the Heatons and others that take my interest.

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