Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking – Day 7 Halewood To Otterspool – 25 October 2015

Today could be a disaster. Reason being I have to go past Speke Airport. I have two choices, either I take a riverside walk – it shows as being accessible (I think) but is dependent on the tide. Or I take the boring route along the houses and past security fences.

Of course, I am taking the riverside route. It fits in with the rules. There are rules to this walk. Currently the only rule is keep as close to the river as you can , without falling in, trespassing, or causing general mischief. I have managed to keep to that rule for most of the walk so far (except for that angry man in Ashton On Mersey. So let’s see how that goes.

It’s a lovely mid autumn day. As I have some flexibility on when I walk , I am not planning to go out in the rain, still, it is good how the weather is holding up for me.

The river glistens in the morning light, the Mersey has its charms and is no longer the dirty old sewer it once was


Walking through Hale, there are enough clues that I am nearing the airport, with the runway approach nearing


And I reach the shoreline. I am not sure whether there is a path here, my citymapper app marks a footpath, but it isn’t 100% reliable (neither is Google maps nor OS so you tend to take your pick sometimes and see what the majority think) In this case, the jury is still out, but as there is evidence of humans having passed this way, I decide to press on.


I can’t say it is the most beautiful views along this piece of shoreline, but it is fascinating, there is a wide tidal plain, which is full of rubbish, but also in places showing signs of wildlife.


And strange structures


There is a path, and I manage to get to the other side of the airport, without having to retrace my steps, which is a great relief, I also don’t get caught by the tide, I would not have been stuck but the path would have been much trickier if the tide had been in. Climbing out of the river banks, the airport shows signs of earlier use , perhaps a wartime airfield


The mudflats past this part glisten in the autumnal light, giving the river a gentler look after the rubbish strewn banks I have just passed.



But the pleasure of this type of walking is the contrast in landscape, and I swerve straight from this idyllic rural, to brutal industrial as I enter the outskirts of Liverpool proper. It is a Sunday, so perhaps during the week it is much busier here.


and even here people live their lives and die, I pass a memorial


and semi abandoned pubs, still serving a clientele many of whom have moved away


but again the scenery changes and to get back to the river I enter Grassendale a gated community of Victorian houses which obviously were once a centre of wealth by the river, and now once more serve as houses for the upper middle classes. I can imagine the artist Atkinson Grimshaw painting or living here. He has long been a favourite of mine, having discovered him whilst I was studying at Leeds. His pictures of moonlight are striking. The Art Gallery there has many of his pictures. I always had an image of him coming back home in the evening after a days painting with a flat cap on , throwing that onto the banister spindle and shouting what’s for tea.


Mystery In The Moonlight By John Atkinson Grimshaw 1836-1893


the estate leads to the promenade by the river – Grassendale Esplanade. It is grand and imposing and almost wants to make a Manchester lad up sticks and move to Liverpool


I am now nearing the end of the river. I stop this stage at Otterspool, as there is a handy bus I can catch into the centre of Liverpool and a bus back out via Speke to Hale.

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