Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking – Day 8 Otterspool To Crosby – 28th October 2015

It just occurred to me starting this blog entry that I have been doing these walks for three years now, and three years ago I hit the coast for the first time (and turned right as you shall see). There have been big gaps, for various reasons, and the past 18 months have been much more productive.

Anyways, I was chuffed today, and I still had my original plan in mind to walk down the Wirral Penininsula when I set off, parking in Otterspool (there’s a train back, I sussed that on Sunday last) and it was a quick and easy walk into the centre of Liverpool.

Being a Manchester lad, I shouldn’t really like Liverpool, but I do. I love the excitement of the place, I still remember going on the Mersey ferry with my grandad in 1964ish. The memory is in black and white. I recall going to a stocktake in Birkenhead in 1982, and after climbing to the top of a vat of animal feed to verify that it was actually as full as the warehouse manager said (nearly losing my specs in the process, and not I seem to recall wearing a hard hat) I had the afternoon to myself- well who goes back to work in those circumstances. So I asked him where to catch the Mersey ferry from, and after crossing the river, I spent the afternoon digging out the Beatles museum (which was in those days in a small shop on Lime Street – not the megabucks attraction in is today.

Liverpool has caught up these days with Manchester in terms of renovation, and indeed I think it’s overtaking us, as the council here leaves the place to slowly rot once more. Heck, even Leeds is better nowadays! How that sticks in the craw of a Lancashire lad, who was born in central Manchester.

Liverpool however, is still full of pirates


In no time at all as it always happens in Mr Benn, I was in the centre and at the Albert Dock.


I’m not sure if it was Alan Bleasdale who kicked this back into life, but another iconic memory is the scenes in Boys From The Blackstuff, but George’s Story, where he pays one more visit in his wheelchair to the decaying dock before his death is also etched on my Liverpool memory mind.

It’s changed since then, it’s vibrant now, it also houses the Beatles museum, but there must be some Scousers who still remember it as it was not so long ago


Billy Fury is also remembered here.


He was one of the original English rock and roll stars, and wrote much of his own material, that’s not to diss Tommy Steele who wrote his own songs along with Mike Pratt, better known as Geoff from Randall And Hopkirk, it’s good to see that people still remember him and leave flowers. I wonder if Amanda Barrie sometimes pops down, or whether she’s ever forgiven him for leaving her, ostensibly popping out to buy some cigarettes and never returning.

Of course, the Beatles are the main attraction around here, and they are celebrated everywhere.


At this point my plan went astray. The second rule of walking (yes I am making them up as I go along, but strangely enough, they tend to agree with the rules set by other coast and river walkers) is that I can only cross a river by foot or by ferry. This will cause inconvenience as it bites walking up the Ribble, Dee and Lune, or even crossing Morecambe Bay. However, it is a rule which needs obeying. The Ferry however, does not operate during the week outside rush hour, so I can’t cross to the Wirral, and decide to carry on to Crosby instead.

So it’s continuing with the Liverpool landmarks – The Liver Building, cue Nerys, Polly and the Scaffold


I’ve seen all this stuff loads of times, and I never tire of it. However, I was more interested what I would find when I passed the tourist area and got towards the docks.


The buildings certainly did not disappoint as I made my way through the docks towards Bootle, a mix of decay and barely alive industry , but the Titanic Hotel shows that even this area is being renovated .




and even piles of scrap.


Finally, as the light was starting to fade, and after walking around docks, down bypasses and past flyovers I arrived at my goal, the end of the Mersey, and of course I turned right….

Here’s riversend ( I tried naming that on Google Maps, but it didn’t work) I did name Davy Jones Tree in Manchester though…. Google it on Maps, and the Gorman statues at Crosby (thats Anthony not John and the place not Bing)



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