Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking – Day 81 Huddersfield to Morley – 6 November 2018

It seemed a good idea to cross the country to Hull, after today I am not so sure, but will give it some thought and find nicer routes. Perhaps it’s the route I took, or perhaps it’s the cross pennine metropolis, the thin strip of houses clinging to the A62. I couldn’t work out an easier route that kept me in an Easterly direction, so let’s stop complaining.

I always like the Georgian charm of Huddersfield , and today in the autumn sunshine it didn’t disappoint



I was soon onto the Huddersfield Broad Canal, which forms part of the Trans Pennine route with the Narrow Canal (natch) and empties into the Calder Navigation, whilst I find walking canals boring, the colours of the trees were vivid with reds and yellows as we have a great autumn this year




It did make for pleasant walking and the sun was bright – up to 15 degrees C today, so no slouch for November weather

So what could go wrong you ask. The A62. My fault I should not have followed it, but I wanted to get to Morley and paths seemed to flow North South. There was nearly more litter by the roadside than I saw in India recently. The place was really a mess. Still I got froM A to B and that was my objective

The walk split into two, 4 miles of pleasant canal, 7 of road. I passed the birthplace of Joseeph Priestley, famous of course for inventing oxygen, before which we couldn’t breathe.


However, the same civic pride does not appear to have gone into their flower displays. Keeping Birstall Beautiful it claims……..


My wish to go to Morley was twofold, firstly the Ernie Wise statue, of which more anon, but also because my first ever proper staying away job as a nipper accountant was to Grimsby to audit a “non performing” depot of the Co-op empire, we stayed in the Grimsby Crest Hotel, dining on smoked salmon and steak and wine on expenses (after four of us in three piece suits ate fish and chips on Cleethorpes promenade for dinner)

After that we went onto Morley to audit a better performing unit, so it didnt seem we had targetted anyone.

Morley is a pleasant market town on the borders of Leeds proper and is famed for two people, Ernie I knew about, but I hadn’t realised Beryl Burton was also a citizen as well. For those not in the know she was a cyclist who won 70 domestic titles and 9 world titles, even better her record for the women’s 12 hour time trial  exceeded the men’s best for two years. She is celebrated with a Blue Plaque and The Beryl Burton Gardens.

Ernie, who you will know better has a crappy statue (not a patch on Eric’s in his hometown) which looks like it has been made from poundland candlewax by a particularly unartistic three year old and left to wilt infront of a hot fire.


Enough grouching I promise to be more upbeat next time. A long bus ride into Leeds (50 minutes to cover 4 miles), but a very pleasant cup of coffee with my daughter near her work in the trendy business district of Leeds made a happy end to the day.

Walked today 11 miles, state knackered. Trains delayed on the way back, stuck for half an hour at Woodsmoor station (one before mine) without explanation

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