Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking- Day 18 – Summerseat to Radcliffe – 5 September 2016

Rejoining the walk at Summerseat station, I set off following the path along the line, and then drop to the Irwell.

Theres even a quite large weir to look at.


I have also come across the Irwell Sculpture trail, which is the largest public art scheme in England – not for number of pieces  – there are only 28 pieces on display, but these are set out along the river for a length of thirty miles, so it would take some effort to see them all. As it was, I only got to see this chap here.


The path then diverts along the Manchester and Bury Canal, which feeds the nearby Elton Reservoir, before dropping into Burrs country park, where the river is quite rural once more.


At Burrs, a Mr Thomas Calrow owned mills in 1841, and the ruins of these are still visible


Although the canal is no longer navigable…


Not only does the East Lancs Railway run down here, but the new tram is nearby, which gives a continuity of public transport stretching 180 years.

Although the walk today has been largely rural, it is a shock to arrive in Radcliffe, where we have a decayed industrial landscape, and it appears my path is out – a small detour needed here- still, I managed a meagre 8 miles today


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