Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking- Day 22 – Warburton To Wilderspool– 3 December 2016

Tram to Altrincham then bus to Warburton to recommence the walk. It’s a bit of a dull morning but the first part of the walk is easy, down the Warrington to Altrincham railway (abandoned of course). Zipping under the M6 at Thelwall, passing an apple tree  still unpicked, but bereft of leaves.

Thelwall village itself is very twee and Miss Marpleish. The post office especially so:

Thelwall has 30 listed buildings within its boundaries, quite an achievement, no wonder it looks so nice. After Thelwall, I get down to the canal again for a very short stretch at Thelwall ferry


The ferry was built as a result of the Canal, and used to be called the Penny Ferry, it still operates 365 days per year. Unfortunately I am not long on the canal, and it’s back into the village to pass a couple more listed buildings. Including the Grade I listed church.

After a short diversion I do get back to the canal at Latchford locks.

Crossing the canal here was a bit hairy, as you can see there is no guard rail along the lockside, and it is a deep drop into quite nasty murky water. Latchford itself appropriately means boggy stream ford in old English. The canal is wide enough here, with a passing place for two ocean liners to pass each other. Thats 1950s style liners, not the modern ones.


I number these images when I load them up. Appropriately the murky water shot chances to be number 666!

I choose not to cross, mainly because my route continues on this side. I will make the mistake of crossing later on, and end up on the wrong side. However under Latchford viaduct (1893) and onwards.

The viaduct is considered unsafe and is closed. The last goods train ran in 1985 over it, but it was closed to passenger traffic in 1962.

Warrington is about the only stretch of the canal that is accessible for any distance. It is also heavily bridged, being a major town, there being three swing bridges which still operate over the water.


My walk finishes at Wilderspool, with a view back down the canal.


Eight miles covered today.


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Big houses in the Heatons and others that take my interest.

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