Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking- Day 23 – Wilderspool To Widnes– 31 December 2016

New Years Eve is probably not a good day to go for a walk. Today was not one. It is a dank day, not raining but heavily overcast and not a spot of sunshine.


Making my way to the start point I cross the canal thinking I can recross it a mile or so down the path. Bad mistake that, I can’t and I end up retracing my steps from my Warrington To Fidlers Ferry day, not only on the wrong side of the Canal, but on the wrong side of the Mersey. The day just all feels like this


I even trace back down the St Helens Canal, towards Sankey power station, it’s not an uninteresting walk, but not the one I had hoped. I am rapidly coming to the realisation that it is not possible to tack near to the Canal, because of all the big industry, which is why I had hoped there would be a crossing from this side, so future walks will have to compromise a little.


The Mersey is still majestic at this point:

Passing Fidlers Ferry I see the new crossing has come on apace, although still not open, it is starting to look a little more like a bridge:

I arrive back in Widnes, at least hoping to be able to cross the bridge there, but find it is only open to motor traffic, so I have failed on that count too, My one note of optimism is that the Silver Jubilee bridge to Runcorn will reopen to pedestrian traffic in Summer 2020, although it does look like during that time, it is open to walkers at weekends. I will have to give that a go, as the walk from Widnes to Runcorn is a gap in my trail.

Needless to say I am not in a mood to see in 2017, as it turns out 2017 is a good year though.

Still I covered twelve miles today.

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