Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking- Day 26 – Ellesmere Port To Bromborough Pool – 12 April 2017

Starting as I left off at Ellesmere Port Station, the station hotel itself is rather grand and warrenlike by its looks, glad I didn’t venture inside though, judging by the reviews it has on Facebook. I’ll leave it here, with some of the better reviews

“worst pub I have ever been to”

“what a f%%%%g dive… I’ve not been to a scummier s&&%hole”

“colder inside than out, worst pint I have ever had, toilets not clean”


It’s then a walk under a very dodgy underpass after which I get the last glimpse of the Ship Canal and Mersey for a while


It’s industrial and past the Vauxhall works into Birkenhead, at least the path is part abandoned railway, until they have just not bothered to take the railway up


It is real abandoned industry around here – I get a glimpse of what appears to be an old substation, slowly being consumed by the surrounding jungle


It’s a slog to get past Vauxhall, and requires a detour along the road, still path is nice in places


After the urban jungle, Eastham was a pleasant change, it dates back to Anglo Saxon times, and claims to be one of the oldest villages on the Wirral. Its importance was a ferry crossing toLiverpool, first run by monks. In the 1700s hosted up to 40 coaches a day came here, but the ferry declined with the arrival of the railways. The ship canal revived its fortunes again and it was once considered the Richmond of the Mersey, but it has gradually declined and the last crossing from here was in 1929. The Church of St Mary shows its once prosperous past.

The Manchester Ship canal rejoins the Mersey here as well, and my attempt to follow the Canal officially ended at this point.  Here is my last glimpse of the canal


Liverpool was clearly visible on the other side of the river, as a boat passed

The river was very busy at this point. It was a pleasant walk along the river, and into a model village that predates Port Sunlight, Brombourough, built by the Wilson brothers to house their workers. Many of the Wilson workers had moved from London to get work here.

Another 12 miles covered today, good progress

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