Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking- Day 94 – Aldbrough To Hornsea – 27 June 2019

Another long journey to start, well they all are on this coast, but its train to Stockport, then change for Sheffield , jump on the train to Hull there, and then Bus to Withernsea from Hull, waiting at Withernsea for the bus to Aldborough. Set off 6:06, arrive 11:15. It’s a great journey on the stopping train to Sheffield, and a fine early view of a misty Kinder Scout.


On the bus to Withernsea get chatting to a local who is full of praise for Hull (well it is an undiscovered gem, and City of Culture did it a lot of good – Londoners were amazed that the Humber is so wide)  he tells me that Withernsea was the birthplace of Kay Kendall, considering Genevieve is one of my favourite films, I am disappointed I did not know that, and did not visit the lighthouse museum.

Withernsea grows on me a little each time I visit.


There are lots of Caravan sites along this coast (well it is the home of Willerbys) and they have come on a lot too in the quarter century or so since I last stayed over this side. I quite fancy a return one day, the countryside is nice and coastal views great.

I can’t say the same for the walking, it is still the B1242 I am following, it isn’t a busy road, but it is monotonous. Apart from some people working the fields, I don’t see an awful lot, and at one point take a picture of The Cross Keys pub just before Mappleton, as I fear I will be pictureless at the end of the day otherwise.

At Mappleton, I stop for banana and water, and see if I can walk along the coast, from the top it looks enticing:


However, not too wise to have walked along the coast this far it seems…


Other blogs have been braver than me, and apparently it is safe to walk, but the tide being in would have prevented me from making this route


and although the route to Hornsea looks a little easier, the tide was up to the cliffs on this side, so it had to be back to the road. Still, I could have fished.

Mappleton itself was a pretty little coastal village with brightly coloured cottages and All Saints Church.

The church is a largely a Victorian one, and was completed in 1854, when a ship bearing Tadcaster stone ran aground on the beach. The canny Yorkshiremen appropriated the stone to build the roof.

After Mappleton the road walk continues, but it is far more pleasant as the road is not far from the sea at this point, and I can see Flamborough head and Bridlington in the distance. There is also more to sea from cornfields, to abandoned buildings:

Eventually I get to Hornsea. I mentioned I have been before, and I didn’t like the place, but today it has a great feel about it. The houses on the way in have a confidence about them, and I walk through a clean and ordered council estate to the beach. The caravan sites were also of a very high standard

There is a lot of development going on, and a new front is being built, but the front is full of holidaymakers and schoolchildren on days out. It is pleasant to just sit down and take in the activity.

It is the start of the Transpennine trail here, so I could go all the way back to Liverpool, I choose not to


But I do decide to avail myself of the local speciality. I highly recommend Port Of Call Chippy on the front. Friendly service and some of the best Fish and Chips.


After that, it’s along the promenade a bit further until I get to Cliff Road, where my bus will arrive to take me back. Hornsea I have been unfair to you in the past. I apologise.

Waiting for the bus, I catch a nasty bout of hayfever which swells up both my eyes, but am entertained by listening to two ageing hippy ladies discuss their favourite Hornsea charity shops on the bus back to Beverley station.

Eight miles covered today, short, but it was a long set of journies to the start.



Copyright 2019 Allan Russell





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