Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking- Day 95 – Hornsea To Bridlington – 4 July 2019

It’s a slightly easier ride to the start this morning. Only one bus at the end instead of two, and a bonus as I get off at Hornsea at the front and replan my route, and find that I can walk along the coast the whole way. I can see Bridlington and Flamborough head ahead of me as I set off down the beach


The going is easy, the sand firm and I pass what look like the remains of WWII coastal defences as I go along


It is very peaceful, there is the odd dog walker as I go along the beach, and from time to time as I pass a caravan site, that’s one where you can descend the cliffs, there are holidaymakers taking advantage of the fine sunshine to sit on the beach. And there is one solitary boat.


However, most of the time, it’s just me, and it is very peaceful

The cliff erosion is very marked in places. Fences are up on the cliff top and the sea looks relentless in its battle on this coast, hardly surprising since it is just soil that it is wearing away, some sites seem to have given up the battle and retreated inland. At one point, I pass a house that has collapsed over the cliff.

The tide is out, although by the look of it you could walk this path at high tide, and there is almost 1000 metres at times between cliffs and sea. I guess at one point that was land.


After eight miles of golden sands I stop for a rest and a banana at the only obstacle that I meet along the route at Fraisthorpe.

I could have walked around on the cliff side but I bravely ford the raging torrent (it is all of 10cm deep and rest on the remains of a tank trap as I look around the coast towards Brid, which has been slowly growing on the horizon as the day progresses, and now I can make out individual buildings, as opposed the the blurred townscape at the start in Hornsea.


Getting nearer, now and Bridlington is much more distinct ahead of me, and comfortingly, Flamborough head does not seem too daunting beyond it.

The cliffs are much lower here, but the danger of erosion is still as great, the coastline is the fastest eroding in all Europe.

There are more on the beach now as I near the town, and some pretty buildings as well


As well as some quad bikes and an RNLI van motoring along the beach.


Bridlington is busy, and thriving. I think I have been once before, but it was a long time ago in my University days, so I can’t really comment on whether it has changed or not, but it does look like a solid English resort.

The harbour is also buzzing, with a constant stream of boats entering.

I sit on the harbour wall, eating Fish with Mushy peas and enjoy the summer sun. Fish not as nice as Hornsea, but welcome after the walk as I am hungry. Then it’s a quick stroll to the station for the train back

Thirteen miles today, a good walk, and all along empty golden sands, much better than the roads I have trekked most of the way from Spurn


Copyright Allan Russell 2019







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