Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking- Day 30 – Neston To Shotton – 8 May 2017

A pleasant morning again, and back onto the old railway line out of Neston, after parking up. It took some work here, with a deep cutting blasted into the stone.


The first port of call after Neston is Ness, where Lady Hamilton was born in 1765, the daughter of a blacksmith, and a great beauty, and abused by all around her. It is worth looking at the wikipedia article on her to understand her better. She was first married in Naples then after years of childless marriage mistress to Nelson and died in poverty in Paris of amoebic dystentry, shunned by all, despite Nelsons wishes in his will to provide for her. Her birthplace is marked by an anvil,

I need to learn photoshop so I can get rid of the bins.


After that, it was a stroll around the botanic gardens in Ness, with fine views over the Dee to Flint.


My horticultural diversion completed it became obvious I was approaching Wales. This is a major achievement, having walked from home to another country.  The footpath was well defined at this point. What did surprise me was that the border was on the English side of the Dee. I had always assumed that Wales was South of the river and did not stretch North of it.


At this point I walked past an abandoned old train wagon, totally no idea why it is here, the tracks looked active.


And then it was a long walk around the perimeter of the Toyota factory, and a large solar farm, finally reaching the banks of the Dee proper once more. It is still tidal at this point, but has become more like a river, than the seaside impersonation it makes downstream.


Unfortunately my plan to catch a train back was partially scuppered by the fact that Hawarden Bridge station has a severely restricted service. I didn’t realise that it was but a short walk to Shotton station proper, so walked to the main road and caught a train to Shotton back to Neston.

A short eight mile stroll.

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