Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking- Day 31 – Poynton To Macclesfield – 23 May 2017

It’s a short walk today, I thought I would strike out for Macclesfield from home, along the Macclesfield Canal. Canal walking although easy, can be quite monotonous, the waterways are straight, but when in the countryside, there is little variety in the scenery, and the presence of the towpath means that you don’t have to think much about the route. Still, at some point I want to walk the 27 miles from the Portland Basin in Ashton, to the Trent and Mersey canal, that’s more of a winter walk, this is a taster.

I’m also relatively new to the area, although having grown up in Stockport and cycled extensively around the local roads, I always hiked further afield in the Peak District, so it will give me a chance to understand the local geography and history. The coppice is a pleasant walk along, what appears to be an unnamed brook, but I am sure someone will tell me what it is called.


It is then a short stretch of the Middlewood trail, the old Macclesfield, Bollington and Marple Railway, which was originally proposed in the 1840s by the North Staffordshire Railway, which wanted to avoid the high charges made by the L&NWR and revive the local cotton industry. However, when it finally came to Parliament, the L&NWR was surprised by the success of the proposal, and relented on its high charges. This, and the depression in the 1860s meant the construction of the line was slow. The line was axed under Beeching, only Rose Hill in Marple surviving because of the numbers of commuters going into Manchester.


Actually, these paths are even more boring to walk than canals, if they are in a cutting all you have around you is trees.

Eventually, I reached the canal

And then along the canal to Bollington where the Clarence and Adelphi Mills rise out of the waters.


The urban parts of canals are always more interesting, because they have buildings, old, delapidated or new, but something apart from endless fields, usually flat.

As I reached Macclesfield there were kayakers out on the water, I once learned to canoe in the swimming pool at Didsbury college, never ventured out into open water though. Can’t say I would relishe falling into those waters.


Kerridge was next, and had a wharf, ducklings and a heron.

At this point it’s ten miles from Marple…and Macclesfield appeared on the horizon

at which point I left the canal and walked into the town centre


It was a fun journey back on the bus, which passes through all the villages it can between Macclesfield and Poynton, and is well worth investing a few pounds in for the views. Ten miles covered today

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