Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking- Day 32 – Shotton To Flint – 29 May 2017

Today is the day I learn to pay attention to the weather forecasts, because it rains. Train to Shotton, and then a walk back to Hawarden Bridge, as that’s where I left off last time, discover it’s only about 300 yards, but then I have to walk to the river anyway to follow it, so no great shakes there.

The clouds are heavy and the day dank.

I walk past Broughton where Airbus make the A380. I was in Hamburg this year and we passed the Airbus factory there. After that it is Connah’s Quay, which like Parkgate has suffered from the silting up of the Dee. It was once the setoff point for ferries to Ireland, and had a major rail terminal. Now, it is just small boats that use the harbour.


On the way to Flint the rain really sets in, and I get absolutely drenched. So I can spare you pictures on this stretch, mind you there was not a great deal to see either. Apart from this odd road sign.


Yes, I don’t know either. The rain has stopped by the time I get to Flint, where the castle provides the highlight of the day, appropriately for my walks Burgh By Sands and Lanercost there is an Edward I connection, as the castle was the first to be built during his campaign to conquer Wales, and it had a strategic position, being one day’s march from Chester, and on the Dee, which was at that time fordable to England. It was used as part of the Iron Ring, a network of castles designed to encircle North Wales and Oppress the Welsh. In more recent times, Turner visited it and painted there, his rendering is much better than mine, so here it is, followed by mine.


Flint Castle JMW Turner 1838

After that it was a train back home, via Chester and Crewe this time, making it a circular tour. Just seven miles today.





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