Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking- Day 101 – A Walk With Gracie – 19 August 2019

This sort of counts as a coastal walk, as we started on the beach and finished there, but it sis more enjoyable because I took my granddaughter Gracie, 6, and her dad John with me. It’s the first time Gracie has been on a hike, and John wanted to show her the views from the Head at St David’s.

St David’s Head is an ancient site, neolithic remains have been found there, and it is mentioned in Ptolemy’s Geography as the Promontory of the Eight Perils. It also marks the divide between the Irish and Celtic seas. Also nicely, as with Bempton, it was the site of a Chain Home Low radar station.

We set off from Base Camp at Whitesands Beach, leaving Mrs R in charge.


Then it was tackling the jungle of the car park, and navigating between the surfers and day trippers until we turned right onto a minor road and started to climb. At this point Gracie started complaining that she was tired, however, as children can be peverse, as soon as we got onto steep paths proper, she started to enjoy it and began to scout ahead for us.

The views of the bay are spectacular, the surrounding countryside being largely flat, you can see for miles.

There was a slight detour, when we managed to take a wrong turn, you can see it on the map at the bottom, but we bore that in our stride and climbed further.


Even though some did have to rest


We reached the site of the radar station, where we took in the view


and took time for a selfie


Just before the peak, I gave up, not because I was tired, but because I did not want to risk falling from clambering up the bare rock, however, for John and especially Gracie this was not a problem and they lept gazelle like up the rocks.

That said, I did enjoy my rest at the foot of the rocks and didn’t envy their moment of glory, after all dad should take his child to the peak.

After that it was a quick descent, ice creams and a rest on the beach, just two miles, but enjoyable. Map below, or if you like videos.


Copyright 2019 Allan Russell





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