The Big Houses Of The Heatons : Interlude Elizabeth Gaskells House

I paid a visit today to Mrs Gaskell’s house near Plymouth Grove. It was really good to get a feel for what a Victorian Merchant’s house looked like after writing about them for so long, and I am sure I will pay a few more visits in the future.

However, what was really exciting for a geek like myself was to see in the dining room, a portrait of Victoria Street in Manchester by Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait.

Victoria Street Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait – The Elizabeth Gaskell House Manchester

If that were not enough, there was a Ruskin exhibition on the first floor and of course Mabel Tylecote, nee Pythian, and the curator was kind enough to let me hold some of the books which had been donated by Mabel, from her father’s collection. John Pythian, her father was a solicitor, politician and lay preacher, who was a great admirer of Ruskin, and had an extensive collection, some containing his pencil written notes.

You get a bit of Heaton Mersey in the best places.

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Big houses in the Heatons and others that take my interest.

2 thoughts on “The Big Houses Of The Heatons : Interlude Elizabeth Gaskells House”

  1. We’re so glad you enjoyed your visit and it was a great pleasure to meet you! We’ve shared your wonderfully informative blogs through our social media accounts so all our followers can enjoy them. Hope to see you again in 2020.


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