Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking- Day 12 – Much Hoole To Preston – 21 February 2016

Does not start well today, I miss Much Hoole on the bus and have to get off at the next stop (well actually the bus does not go into Much Hoole, it is the express service to Southport). Anyways it makes the walk slightly longer, but not as much as to bother me, and I get to see an interesting milestone as a bonus.


It is fairly featureless walking again today, as I am in the outskirts of Preston, that means dual carriageways or suburban streets, the flat country does not offer much in the manner of views but this tree near Penwortham was worth passing


As is this building, which is now an estate agents, but other than that I can’t find any information as to what its original use was.


Penwortham is a pretty little suburb, even though it is very near the city centre (yes folks Preston is a City these days), it used to have a station, Cop Lane, on the abandoned Southport line. Whilst we are singing its praises, the war memorial is well thought out, and has this tribute next to it.


Finally, it is Ribble time, and I am in Preston at the first available bridge, which ironically affords me some country style walking as I cross a forest to get to it (it’s also up and over a hill which is the first upwards vertical obstacle I have hit I think since I started this walk back in Stockport.


From there, it’s a quick hop to the station, but only a meagre 9 miles today, it’s not worth going further, as it’s Sunday and buses back will not be easy to catch. The next stretch to Lytham and the coast again can be done in one go.



Author: allanprussell

Big houses in the Heatons and others that take my interest.

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