Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking- Day 13 – Preston To Lytham – 12 March 2016

The nice thing about going back to work out what I did on an old walk is reliving the memory, it is even better when a walk that you thought was boring because it had a substantial amount of road turns out to have been quite pleasant in retrospect.

I wasn’t relishing the walk,  because it was along the river, and I knew that I could not get near the river for large stretches.

However, after passing some pleasant Georgian Buildings in Preston I reached theRibble, which was low, the tide being out.


And there is even the odd wreck


And detruitus


The first stretch was along the river and through Preston docks. I used to come this way often on my way to a friends house, and it is also the route of choice we take to Blackpool, the M55 being not a road I enjoy. As with most UK riversides, the authorities have cottoned on to the fact we like water, and in a quays it is always well presented, Preston is no exception, lots of new build flats and offices surround the boats.


Infact it was a shame that this didn’t last all the way to Blackpool, as the winter mists made for some moody shots. Plus it was nice easy going.


Eventually I was forced onto the main road, but even then, there were some old farmhouses to enjoy




Rivers and farmhouses, that’s what makes a walk, I realised that the other week when wandering along the Aire navigation, the world is at rest and you avoid the noise of traffic, instead of contemplating primes, this time I was excited at a forthcoming Threetles concert, they were playing with Pete Best, and had guests such as Freda Kelly (old Beatles fan club secretary) and Peter Pilbeam , who produced their first BBC session and was my dad’s old boss. Sadly this walk was also full of folorn hopes as I didn’t get to the gig , and it was to be my last walk for a while, but more anon.

Passing through Freckleton (which bills itself as the village of music and flowers) and was did display a certain picturesque air.



(though not all of the time)


There was road trekking, down an unpleasant bypass, and it did last a while. But lets not dwell on it too long, as Lytham was approaching and I could get back onto the river, it did not disappoint, walking along a dyke.


A little further on, I couldn’t resist a selfie opportunity


And then Lytham,



Thus begins a coast I do love, because of the childhood memories of visits to Blackpool, I know it’s a marmite place, but I am on the marmite side here. It is beautiful, I love the funfair, the beach, the tat, and also the gentility of the surrounding towns, which are stuck in a 1950s air to the tacky 1970s of Blackpool. The contrasts are fun to behold


The Anchor here was lost by the “Mexico” in 1888 and was caught in a trawl net a century later.

and of course the windmill, which was to my surprise derelict until 1989 having been destroyed when it set alight due to extremely high winds on 2 January 1919. Although a tourist attraction now, in the late 19th / early 20th century the genteel residents of Lytham considered it an “industrial nuisance”, same silly buggers whinge about fracking today…


Then it was past the lifeboat station to the railway station. Although grand , reflecting its Victorian heyday, the line is now single track



Awaiting the train, this sign caught my eye


As next week we were going there on holiday it seemed a nice portend, unfortunately it was not so, and it would be a while before I could restart this walk, and nearly two years till I got the chance to travel on one of these Cuban trains….

A good walk today, much more pleasant for being able to remember it nearly two years on, and a healthy 15 miles covered





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