Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking – Day 10 Formby To Southport – 29 January 2016

A total seaside day today, all along the beach and prom. You can’t ask for more, and the weather was good for January. Formby to Southport is perhaps the most beautiful stretches of sand in the North West, and it is practically unvisited. Who knew we had such fine scenery. I used to work with someone who lived in Formby, he had told me that there is the gorgeous bit of sand the tourists visit, then an even better bit further along, the locals frequent.

He wasn’t wrong,




It is so deserted, I know it was a January day, and there was the odd local walking a dog, but I do hope they are better frequented in fine weather.

It was all dunes today,


Infact three hours of walking, meeting hardly a soul, a perfect opportunity just to take in the beauty of the scenery and getting lost in my thoughts.

Eventually all good things end, and I started nearing Southport. That’s not a bad thing, it was an alternate holiday destination when I was young and it still is a pleasure to visit for its arcades and a visit to Pleasureland, which can be better than Blackpool Amusements.  All in all it is a lovely mix of faded grandeur and English tat. It predates the railways as a resort, being popularised in 1792 by the proximity of the Leeds-Liverpool canal.

Reaching the outskirts I realised that I had made a good choice on my last walk to stop at Formby, had I arrived at Southport, I would have had to negotiate some marshy ground in the dark, and it was tricky enough doing it in daylight


Getting on the road, it was then a straight walk down past Pleasureland and some interesting street art



For those who know Southport, the following picture will be something of a novelty




Can you tell what it is yet? Yes , the tide, in. Of course it is near the Mersey and has a similar tidal range – 7 metres. It recedes about 2.5 miles (if I may mix my Imperials) and consequently can come in very quickly,  together with quicksand it can be as dangerous as Morecambe, further up the land has reclaimed the sea, and I know people who remember when the sea meadows were beach.

It was a good day, I walked along Marine Drive, past the boating lake and called it a day there as I needed to catch a train back to Formby to collect my car, and I recorded 11 miles.










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