Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking- Day 14 – Lytham To Blackpool North – 7 June 2016

Nearly three months since last walk. The holiday in Cuba turned bad when my wife was taken seriously ill, she received excellent medical care but in the past couple of months we have had other things to take care of , rather than an aimless sauntering up the Fylde coast, still today she is well enough for me to venture forth and I catch the train to Lytham station to take up my trek once more.

It’s much as I left it Lytham, still serene


and it is a fine late spring day , good for a walk, which is easy, just following the promenade, something I have not done for ages, and certainly never in one go. I do like Lytham, we visit it often. Blackpool gets a bad press, and the views I think contradict those who think its all candy floss and kiss me quick hats


Its even got beach huts,


and of course, one of the Collyhurst greats lived here and is commemorated by a statue


Again, people go further north for the Eric Morecambe statue, but Les Dawson is equally well represented, and much better so than the pathetic tribute to Ernie Wise at Morley. There’s more to come, Blackpool honours its Variety heritage further down the promenade.

The beach is fine here as well, golden sands, dunes and few visitors. The best of the English seaside.



Even some swimming horses


But then Blackpool proper and the Pleasurebeach. The finest amusement park in the UK. Much preferable to the interminable queues at Alton Towers and better fish and chips. The Big one , the Grand National and the Haunted Swing (my particular favourite, a nice sedate thrill to complement the adrenaline rush of the roller coaster)


Modern trams run along the same lines as vintage ones, for years this was the only surviving outpost of the abandoned tram network, now seeing a revival in many towns (of course the best network is the Manchester Metrolink) but Blackpool gives us a run for the money)


In all the years I have been going to Blackpool, I have never been up the tower (and at the time of writing I am nearly 60 and still not done that ) my mum was always scared of ascending , so we never went, so really I ought to add it to my bucket list. Heck I have been up the Eifel tower four or five times , unlike Gustave Eifel, John Maxwell and Charles Tuke both died before their vision was completed, so they never got to see it which is sad considering they laid the foundation stones in 1891 and it was completed in 1894.  I do really need to catch the lift one day.

The current draw of Blackpool is the comedy carpet, an inspired piece of street furniture celebrating all that is great in British humour, you can spend an hour reminiscing about all the great quotes and diving into the history of Variety.


which just makes me want to go back (and also see the Ken Dodd and Bessie Braddock statue at Lime Street)

A nice easy walk to Blackpool North station to ease me back into my coastal journey. 11 miles covered and batteries recharged

Copyright 2019 Allan Russell






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