Turn Right At Liverpool And Keep Walking- Day 97 – Carlisle To Lanercost – 13 July 2019

Crashing out at 8:30 we were so tired, and up early for a substantial breakfast from the B&B


That filled me up for the day, and quite frankly even after getting home I didn’t want any tea. We set off in search of a shop to stock up with food for the day, didn’t find a shop. However, along the route there are several honesty shops, and they did us well for cups of tea and and an ice cream en route. These I had not expected, and provide a great service for hikers on the Wall. Note to self, bring change. They survive because the majority are honest (although they have CCTV as an encouragement for that) and they are cheap. This one didn’t have the CCTV.


The hotel and houses in this area of Carlisle are fine Georgian buildings, and hark back to a more affluent past, however, they are not falling to bits, and provide a grandeur.

We were soon back to the river, and into another park. Carlisle is a lovely town, and one I must return to. There is a real sense of civic pride, shown in the fact that the statues and monuments are well maintained.

The town is also very compact and we were soon back into the countryside, apart from crossing the busy M6. That’s about the only time we encountered traffic on today’s walk. We meandered along the Eden, still looking peaceful.


The route passed some very desireable residences, and outhouses..

Passing Carlisle airport, well it was more of an airstrip I saw a passenger plane coming into land. The weather today was still warm and close, but the cloud meant that it was not as oppressive and we made good progress, stopping for a selfie at lunch


And some more des res to admire

The day was much easier, and more gentle. It will be noted that we have seen little of Roman remains, but they have been plundered over the centuries at this end of the Wall, all too soon we came to turn off the path and descend to Lanercost Priory, which we could see in the distance as a speck (Keith tells me he had his wedding reception there)


And then we were there,

We had a look around the church, which was peaceful, and then a deserved coffee and cake in the tea room (Ok I probably did eat a little bit if you count the ice cream, cake and Bounty bars, but I did walk it off, and came home two pounds lighter, despite the eating.

We caught a taxi to the station and caught the train back to Carlisle, where we parted company. The only downer to the day was the fact that my fast train and good connections were brought to a halt by a trespasser on the line between Preston and Manchester, which brought the network to a halt as the police closed the line for nearly two hours whilst they caught the miscreant.

Still, another great day, 14 miles covered, and a good chunk of Hadrian’s Wall conquered.


Copyright 2019 Allan Russell




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